Games Console Repairs

Microsoft XBOX ONE

Still a relatively new console, but not exempt from disc read issues, small hands putting coins and cards into the slot load drive, along with software issues not allowing the OS to boot. Any issues with your XBOX ONE please contact us and we’ll give advice to the best of our ability.

Microsoft XBOX 360

XBOX 360 is being left behind in the console timeline, with the age some problems can occur. We can fix most issues related to disc drive and power issues. Although if your console suffers from RROD (Red Ring of Death), we recommend a replacement console.

Sony Playstation 4

Again PS4 is relatively new, it doesn’t escape issues with the disc drive, operating system and power. The HDMI port is known to not be the strongest, we can repair this so get in touch if your console has taken a tumble. The BLOD (Blue Light of Death) usually only exists in launch models and can not be fixed effectively.

Sony Playstation 3

Playstation 3, still a great console with a huge game library, usually disc reading issues are the most common but feel free to get in touch with any issue you encounter and we can help.

Sony PSP/PS Vita + Nintendo DS/3DS

Handhelds are more likely to take a tumble than consoles, this means LCD Screens can break, along with housings and disc/card readers.


Nintendo Wii consoles, usually only have disc read issues, other problems are rare but can still be corrected.




These are critical errors on console motherboards. Usually related to the type of solder used in the factory, unfortunately with these issues, you are better to replace the console than repair.

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